The Statement of the Consortium on Draft Laws in Lobbying Activities in Ukraine

We are calling upon the civil society and non-profit organisations to unite  in order to defend their rights from legislative attacks! 

Draft Laws No. 3059, 3059-1, 3059-2, 3059-3 registered at the Parliament are intended to provide legislative regulation of lobbying activities. Their provisions, though, equate advocacy activities and public consultations to lobbying activities. It means that should any of these draft laws be adopted, civil society organisations will be almost deprived of the possibility to protect interests of citizens, in particular through communications or public consultations with authorities. 

We as a consortium of civil society organisations composed of Isar Ednannia, Ukrainian Centre for Independent Political Research and Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law call for the rejection Draft Laws  No. 3059, 3059-1, 3059-2, 3059-3!

Your full support is essential to us. Therefore, we appeal to the civil society to support our Statement and defend the civil organisations’ right to protect rights, freedoms, and interests of the people, as well as the possibility to carry out their activities, guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. 

The full text of the Statement can be found here

You can also join the Statement through this form, or by leaving a comment with the name of your organisation until February 25, 2021. Later, we will communicate the Statement with the signatures collected to the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation Policy, which is responsible for considering these Draft Laws.

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