Development and Advocacy of the Government information Strategy for the occupied Crimea

Project goal and activity

On March 20, Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research launched a project "Development and Advocacy Strategy for the State Information occupied the Crimea"
The aim is to develop and advocate a draft of the government information Strategy to reintegrate Crimea. The work on the project will be conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Policy and involve a wide range of experts. A working Group of 8 experts will develop a strategy based on focus group research, personal semi-structured interviews, media monitoring, monitoring of government decisions, public opinion polls and analysis of scientific studies.
The final document will include: 1) general provisions that will describe the problem, analyze the current status on the basis of sociological research and analytical materials available, the strategy’s goals; 2) analysis of threats to information policy implementation; 3) tasks and implementation phases; 4) areas of implementation; 5) mechanisms of strategy implementation.


20/03/2017 - 20/07/2017


International Renaissance Foundation

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