Civil liberties and national security: a balance to protect from the UCIPR - 2022-2023

The goal of the project is to assess the changes in the implementation of the right to access to information and the expression of views that are taking place in Ukraine in connection with the introduction of the legal regime of martial law, to develop a technique for detecting discourse that poses threats to human rights and national security.

Within its framework, a series of analytical documents were developed, namely:

The expert team also found out how working conditions and access to official information have changed. The professional knowledge of journalists, the vision of the situation with access to official information by representatives of civil society, experts who cooperate with international organizations, and an internal view of the situation of representatives of public authorities at the local and central levels helped here. The team has developed a unique technique for detecting discourse that poses threats to national security, including when certain expressions pose a threat to human rights.

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